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We are always on the look out for commentators - please email us if you are interested!

The next live commentary will be confirmed soon

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Would your club benefit from NonLeagueLive coming along and providing LIVE audio commentary which is broadcast online - either here on NonLeagueLive or even through the official club website.


It is an opportunity for your club to cover a big match - home or away or provide a means to follow the action for a long diatnce away fixture.


It is also a great platform for any club to test the concept of running its own radio station in an age when the sky is the limit for non-league clubs in terms of media coverage.


We'll set things up, advise, provide the necessary training to carry out the live broadcast and we can even provide commentators.


Interested? Why not call us on 0871 288 7366 today or email us sales@commentaryservices.co.uk for more information. It is a low cost venture that could potentially provide clubs - and leagues - with a platform on which they could sell sponsorship and advertising.